Ola Björkman is an Associate Professor at Karolinska Institutet since 1985 with 13 years know-how from the Pharmaceutical Industry and longstanding experience from international marketing including an extensive network within the life science community, particularly in Sweden. Ola founded let’em know in 2013 and is the primary contact for Scandinavian clients.

Richard Hayhurst, based in the UK, has unrivalled, more than 30 years’ expertise in life sciences PR in Europe. Twenty years ago, Richard headed his own agency, the third largest biotech agency in Europe. He has widespread experience across life science working with therapeutic, diagnostic and medtech companies as well as biotech hubs, research centres and advocacy groups. Richard heads our global team.

Our collaboration started in 2013 – Ola Björkman reflects:

“During the last 2 years of my job as CEO for Stockholm-Uppsala Life Science (2012-2013), Richard Hayhurst was our contact at our assigned international PR agency. Thanks to his widespread network, we attracted 13 journalists to visit the region. Based on roughly 250 arranged interviews with CEOs and leading scientists, more than 100 articles were published.

 Our successful collaboration led us to join forces and offer our services to life science companies in Sweden. let’em know was founded in 2013 and we now have more than 10 clients and growing. Our first client, Affibody, is still with us”.

Our team has grown over time and we have added expertise and resources.
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